Steve Nawoor Msc(MACP), BSc(hons)

My career path has been diverse, beginning in the Army where I worked in mines and demolitions. Later, I transitioned to the Prison Service as a Physical Training Instructor, and eventually found my calling in Physiotherapy. As a highly experienced consultant physiotherapist, I have a proven track record in advanced practice within MSK and rheumatology.

Throughout my career, I have held various roles at an Advanced Practice level, including as an Injection Therapist in different NHS settings, National Clinical Lead for Connect Health, and Professional Head of Physiotherapy at Nuffield Health. These experiences have provided me with a wealth of knowledge and skills across different aspects of healthcare. Currently, I am pursuing the final year of my Executive MBA at Ashridge.

In addition to my clinical work, I have lectured at Keele University and presented at UK and international conferences, including the World Physical Therapy Conference in South Africa. I have also owned several successful private practices and worked with elite athletes, accompanying them to various World and European Championships.

My true passion lies in advanced clinical practice, clinical leadership, education, and addressing health inequalities. When I’m not working, you can usually find me at the CrossFit Box, blogging, enjoying a double espresso, or shuttling my two teenagers around. I cherish spending time with my supportive and exceptional wife.


‘Keep it simple, empower movement, engage the mind and the rest should come…..’


Twitter: @stevenawoor 

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