Spinal Maze

A musculskeletal perspective

The Spinal Maze is a fast paced, knowledge thirsty 1-day course that focuses on managing your index of suspicion within the complexities of spinal pathology.

The Spinal Maze will take you on a journey through Spinal ‘Grifters and Masqueraders’ as well as common, rare and unique pathologies that often lead us to a place where our clinical navigation requires clarity. A number of these pathologies are challenging in their presentation and also provoke difficulty when deciding on clinical pathway preferences to allow the person to embark on what is deemed to be a reasonable route.


The introduction of First Contact Practitioner and General Practice Physiotherapy roles increases are exposure to potentially serious spinal pathology.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding ¬†of Systems Thinking in relation to Spinal Pathology
  • Recognise key clues in serious spinal pathology
  • Discuss the relevance of red flags and how to weight them
  • Define key points in inflammatory spinal pathology, associated investigations and management
  • Apply a logical process to raised suspicion over suspected spinal fracture
  • Understand tumours and infection and how to approach the index of suspicion
  • Improve index of suspicion within spinal and Metastatic Cord Compression (MSCC)
  • Discuss Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) recognition and management
  • Discuss which investigations and why through a rational and balanced approach
  • Discuss the importance of governance and pathway management

The Spinal Maze will only be hosting 4 UK courses in 2018. If you would like to host the Spinal Maze in 2018 and have a venue in London, North West, South West or Scotland then please contact the team.

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