Clinical Maze – Sheffield

Clinical Maze – Sheffield


The Clinical Maze is a fast paced, knowledge thirsty 1-day course and is coming to Sheffield, courtesy of Remedey Courses . The Clinical Maze is designed for those with an interest in Musculoskeletal (MSK) pathology who are looking to extend their Advanced Practice through enhancing their clinical reasoning and management of MSK and Non-MSK Disorders. The journey through the Clinical Maze will challenge critical thinking through a detailed review of Systems Thinking and its application to clinical practice. You will explore and enhance your differential diagnosis to guide your decision-making and Index of Suspicion within MSK assessment from simple to complex pathology. Gut Instinct, Masqueraders, Red Flags, Triage and much more within a variety of settings will be discussed in context, where clinical decisions are key, with consideration for the management of Care Pathways, Investigations, Bloods, Injections, Pharmacology and Governance as to how they impact on next steps.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of Systems Thinking and its impact on clinical practice
  • Enhance your differential diagnosis in Vascular, Neurological, Orthopaedic & Inflammatory pathology
  • Recognise key signs in relation to sinister pathology and MSK Masqueraders
  • Enhance advanced practice clinical reasoning skills in the management of MSK disorders
  • Consider case studies to qualify and quantify our decisions and index of suspicion
  • Establish a deeper understanding of which investigation(s) and why
  • Governance considerations within advanced clinical practice

For booking details please contact: Remedy Courses

Clinical Maze

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